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Childcare is extremely affordable at BFC! Members pay only $25 per month, or $2 per day/child. Children are supervised by our caring childcare staff in the upstairs room, while you take time for yourself to get in a good workout and/or tan. BFC Kids are kept busy playing games, dancing, watching movies, play, or doing a crafty project. The play area is clean, safe, and is monitored by video surveillance. 


A few general rules/policies...

  • Parent/Guardian must remain on the premises.

  • All children must be signed-in/out, by the Parent/Guardian, and the Member may not have any outstanding balances on account. Our Childcare Staff will verify with management that dues have, or have not, been paid.

  • Try to refrain from bringing your child food/drink. A small snack if fine and the drink must have a lid. (Some children are allergic to certain foods that do not need to be shared by others.) 

  • Disciplinary Concerns: It is our utmost priority to keep all children safe.  Unsafe, or any physically harmful action, will be documented by Childcare Staff with an explanation of the incident. All parties involve will need to sign the Incident Report, as well as, BFC Management. We understand that "kids will be kids" and they are extremely active in this environment. Our Childcare Staff want to work with you by communicating and developing problem-solving strategies to better redirect the behaviors noted. We have a "3 Strikes and You're Out" Policy for unsafe behavior. We allow the child to return to BFC three weeks from the date of the 3rd incident. We can all hope that the behavior was just a phase, and the child will better understand the value of safety.

  • BFC is a parental/guardian onsite facility only. By Law, we may not watch your child(ren) longer than 2 hours and, per Texas Health and Human Services, our operation is proud to be in compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by The State of Texas. Please be mindful of this and follow the rules BFC has put forth so we can continue providing an amazing childcare experience. 

Brownwood Fitness Center knows how important it is for  parents to remain strong and healthy, both physically, and mentally! We enjoy being able to provide you with Childcare so you are able to focus on Yourself, enjoy meeting friends, and  know your child is safe and happy!

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