Adventure. Passion. Encouragement. BFC has been my second home since 2012; I first attended BodyFlow because a friend taught the class and she gave me a ton of free passes (ha!). I was hesitant to try the group fitness classes because I had a two-year old and a LOT of extra weight from a sedentary life and a high-risk pregnancy. I also had an overall lack of self-confidence. Slowly I began attending BodyFlow, then Step, then BodyPump, and then BodyCombat, and found out the amazing results in my mind, spirit, and body from group fitness and the Les Mills classes. Throughout my second pregnancy I attended Step, BodyCombat, and BodyPump classes, and found my post-partum recovery came much quicker, along with something pretty great – I had confidence in myself and my strength. I had quicker reflexes, quicker thinking, and I was braver than I ever had been before. Lifting heavy at the gym gave me the ability to lift heavy in life. 

My schedule grew much busier and I invested my gym-time into personalized metabolic workouts for about two years, and I felt the ache from the lack of camaraderie at the gym. I truly missed BodyFlow and how it provided a lasting sense of well-being throughout my body and mind, but there were limited classes on the schedule. In the summer of 2018, I began bringing my daughter to the Friday class with me, but the Rockstar instructor Connie said she was going to have to cut the class because of her schedule. So I thought…”Why don’t I teach it? We need BodyFlow!” I knew I wasn’t the only person who loved BodyFlow, and let’s be honest, there’s never enough stretching! After mentioning the idea to Connie, who encouraged me to pursue the certification, the idea blossomed. I dove into the first training available, and discovered an incredible love for group fitness instruction. Les Mills provided me with tools so I can lead, coach, and encourage with excellence. We all need encouragement, especially where health and fitness are involved. 

I have known for years that people struggle with belly fat, especially in later years, especially when they are stressed out, and I am one of those people. Because of my genetics, I am a “base of the pyramid” cheerleader rather than the petite flier. Knowing this, I aim to encourage myself and everyone, regardless of ability and mobility, to be consistent and persistent. Big changes take tiny steps. Every step forward counts. Because core strength was a weakness of mine, I used the Les Mills Core program intentionally to help my endurance and inner support structure. Because I often find myself tense, I use BodyFlow to help release stress, tension, and to stretch my body, spirit, and mind. I use BodyPump to ignite my metabolism and strengthen those important muscles that help me chase my children and my dreams. Every class at BFC has given me courage, power, and a daily adventure to explore. I can’t wait to see what today brings and how we will succeed together. 

Adam and Becky 

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Lee and Rachel 

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